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Photography by Our Featured Artist: 


We are extremely excited to have widely published photographer, AJ Messier, to exhibit during the fourth quarter of 2014. AJ is originally from Rhode Island, but has lived in Canada for most of his life. His family now resides in Portsmouth. He is a commercial photographer that runs Hogtown Studios in Toronto, Canada. Websites - AJ Messier: http://ajmessier.com and Hogtown Studios: http://hogtownstudios.ca/

  Even if you cannot make it during these hours, AJ's artwork is highlighted to be viewed through our windows anytime.  

This exhibit is FREE and open to the public daily during our office hours 9:30am-5:30pm, Monday through Friday and 10:00am-2:00pm Saturdays. 

Display is FREE and open to the public!
October, November and December - Photography by Ashley Polson Exhibit
 Gallery hours:
Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm 
Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm

Don't miss this wonderful exhibit! 
All are welcome!

Adrian Scholes - Photographer
  Artist's Statement
Adrian Scholes

 I grew up in England and moved to the United States in 1994. Currently living in New Hampshire, I have found a home in the incredible diversity of New England. I never grow bored with the mountains, rivers, oceans, towns and cities - and the unpredictable weather.

 I live to explore , to travel, to experience; and photography is my journal. New England offers some of the nation's finest scenery, and I hope that viewing my photographs gives you the same enjoyment I experience when finding and creating them. After all, Ansel Adams commented: "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer."

 I agree with his observation, and am both honored and delighted whenever someone chooses to display my pictures in a home or office.

I have many more photographs available for viewing on my web site. From rugged mountains to autumn foliage, rocky streams, and the wonders of the seacoast; my goal is to capture the remarkable character of New England. Please browse the various galleries and be sure to contact me if you would like more information or would simply like to say hello.

Thank you, Adrian



Stephanye Schuyler - Quilting Artist
Stephanye Schuyler, quilting artist

Stephanye, a local Public Relations Executive, spends much of her free time perfecting the craft of quilting. Having mastered the basic techniques, she presently finds the art quilt one of her most creative avenues. In her own words, "I love, love color, fabrics, sparkle and the journey they take me on.

Pricsilla Lane Brown - Watercolors, Pen & Ink
Artist Name here, what type of artist

Over the years I have worked in different media including oils, silk screen, watercolor and pen and ink. Although I have studied with several artists my most rewarding and interesting studies were with Sister Vincent DePaul. She took great pains to encourage her students to try all media, to grow and experiment, to widen our range of interest and to appreciate the world around us. My favorite quote is from Anthropologist Ashley Montague: "If you're interested, you can't be bored and the more you are interested, the more likely you are to range in experience and knowledge." I believe being a painter forces you to be interested, to observe, to study, to be open, there by expanding your world.

- Priscilla

Contact: 603/430-7364

Denise F. Brown - Watercolor Artist
Denise Brown, watercolors

Whether my subject is an animal, architecture, or landscape, I try to capture the essence and character of what I am painting, almost like telling a story about the subject and the reason why I painted that painting. A rendering of a horse or home becomes a portrait, but not as detailed as a photograph. I look for shapes and relationships of colors to emphasize that story or moment in time. The latest product is a mini paperback children's book, "Abenaki, The Indian Pony".

Denise was a finalist in the 2006 National Art Competition by The Trail of Painted Ponies.





Sharon E. Allen - Plein Aire* & Studio, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Watercolor
  Artist's Statement

Sharon Allen,

* a French term which translates as “in open air”;  the generally accepted meaning is “outdoors and from life”

BIO: Sharon was born and raised in urban NJ and fell in love with NH on her first trip here when she was just a teenager. She vowed that she would someday make NH her home, and she’s now been a NH resident for 18 years.

A former junior high science teacher who “retired” to become a stay at home Mom, Sharon has always loved to draw and paint in many contexts, but is a relative newcomer to painting on canvas and exhibiting her works publicly. She has won awards in each of the mediums in which she works, and her paintings can be found in private collections throughout the US and also in Australia and Russia.

Sharon finds that she is happiest when painting en plein aire*, surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of NH and northern New England, and she is the founder of NHPleinAir—a communications network for other plein air artists in the region. 

"I have always been most drawn to those paintings that somehow invite the viewer to step through the frame into the scene—to wander a path or sit listening to a babbling brook or rustling leaves. I believe that, regardless of size, when paintings depict beauty & serenity, they can provide a means of momentary escape from life’s daily drudgery & stress. My goal as I begin each painting, in any medium, is to share a glimpse of a wonderful place—to transport viewers to a place where they can breathe deeply and relax momentarily; to say “Look at this wonderful place I’ve found! Come, sit with me! Enjoy the moment!” "

Website: http://www.SharonAllen.us

P.T. Sullivan - Photographer & Digital Imaging
For more than fifteen years, P.T. Sullivan has been photographing the world as he sees it, and has been recognized for his craftsmanship by being inducted by panel into the Artists Association of Ireland. His perspective and personality are unlike most. His passion drives him when he is working on a project, and it affects everything he does. He describes this series as: Handyman’s Haven

Most of us have entered a mass warehouse store to purchase materials for our homes. These have sprung up across the country along with the mom and pop general stores and provide just about everything a DIY dreamer could ever need. Having taken on a few projects myself, I was pondering my construction work along with my main career as a photographer. Among the myriad of supplies, tools and “whatcha do hickies”, I also saw patterns and contours that stood out in my artist’s eye. One day, with about an hour to think over what I needed for my next home improvement, I brought my camera along and this is some of what I felt was worth sharing. With more time and not having been asked to stop taking photos, I am sure there would have been many more. I hope you enjoy this perspective of these establishments. Maybe next time you walk past an everyday scene you might take a moment to see what could be hidden behind the ordinary.

As for the type of photography P.T. has created and where it has been viewed includes working with major newspapers and magazines in the United States and in Europe. Examples are PGA TOUR, USA HOCKEY, and designing CD’s for many musicians and photographing bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Jewel, Led Zeppelin and Famous. In addition to this work he also does model and portrait photography.  

"There is beauty in the strangest places and it is only a matter of opening up your mind to allow your eyes to see it.” - P.T. Sullivan

Jeff Folger - Photographer
Jeff Folger, photography

My favorite saying in relation to my photography:"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away". (Unknown)

I often think of the effect my photography has on the viewers of my work. To make my viewers feel something and be moved by a photo that I've created makes the time I spend at it very rewarding. Today I seek to capture and bring to light what most people take for granted. We rush through our days going from meeting to appointment missing the truly important part of our day which is just to be inspired by what God has put all around us. For the most part I'm self-taught, except that my love of photography must start with my father, although he was not an artist but rather an engineer. He started my footsteps on this road some 33 years ago with the gift of that old camera and showing me how to develop black & white film. Since then many cameras have come and gone but always my love of photography is always there.

Thank you, Jeff Folger

Barbara Borsa - Watercolors
  Artist's Statement
Artist Name here, what type of artist

 I began painting in 2006 after being downsized from a corporate job.Watercolor was something that interested me for many years, but I never had the time to pursue it. I love nature and as a result, my painting subjects tend to gravitate to things in nature. I love landscape painting and attempting to capture the various seasons that we have in New England. 
Watercolor provides me with peace and relaxation, and I hope that my work can do the same for those who view it.

 Barbara Borsa 


Eleanor Dailey - Watercolors
  Artist's Statement
Artist Name here, what type of artist

 I started painting in 1992 when it was recommended as pain therapy for a chronic illness. My hands were the only part of my body that didn’t hurt, and the painting took my mind off the pain. Fortunately, my health has greatly improved, and my painting has progressed beyond therapy to a source of immense pleasure. 

Although I paint in different mediums, the challenge of the watercolor process forces me to “loosen up” my technique a little as my natural instinct is to paint with much detail. My favorite subjects are flowers, seacoast scenes and seasonal landscapes, but I see beauty all around me in even the most common objects and places we see or travel by every day.
I am a member of Seacoast Artists Association and the Estero Art League, have studied in New England and Florida, and my paintings are displayed at the Strawbery Banke Museum Gift Shop and at various art shows in the Seacoast and in Florida.
I strive to capture the beauty of an ordinary vista or object and to give as much pleasure to the viewer of my art as I get in its creation.
Eleanor Dailey
Phone: 603-436-6420




Eslida Evans Corbin
  Artist's Statement
Artist Name here, what type of artist

 Born in Italy, Evans draws inspiration from having studied the Italian and French masters while searching for her own personal style. Early visits to the most important European museums have been a major influence upon her artistic development.

Evans can capture on canvases or panels intriguing abstractions of space and moods, filled with subdued charm and symbolic significance.

She believes in experiment and reinventing her artistic ways. And so, the painter finds herself restless, in conflict between dreams of cosmic harmony and existential distress. The resolution or the necked struggle is offered in her paintings to read. A variety of both abstract and realistic narratives of universal emotions unfold in her personal manipulations of colors and shapes.

 For more information please contact Esilda at Hesilda1@comcast.net





Jane O'Toole, Photographer
 Jane O'Toole, Photographer Artist's Statement
Jane O'Toole, Photographer

 Jane O'Toole toured the world with her military father and family living in Germany, Japan, and Canada and throughout the United States as a child. She now resides in Portsmouth - and would never move anywhere else.

A successful bout against bladder cancer, spurred O'Toole to retire from her high tech marketing career to spend more time with her husband, Austin. Photography then became her passion, although she also loves fiber arts and is a master knitter.

O'Toole is  a self taught photographer. "I'm more for having an 'eye' than being technically correct. I'd never make it as a wedding photographer in that I love quirky, off-angle photography, and often very different subjects like pigeons, rust, and signs!"

Contact Jane at  603-430-3064  603-430-3064  




Thanh Thai Huibers, Photographer
 Thanh Thai Huibers, Photographer Artist's Statement

 "Through the Thanh Lens" April-June 2010.
Art forms have always been important to Thanh Thai of Stratham, NH. As a child, having fled Vietnam with her family, she had to leave most of her possessions behind. Her childhood memories were limited to the images in her mind so that years later when she returned to Vietnam, the few photographs that survived the war became most precious. Thus, the art of photographing the world around her, took on new meaning.

Thank you, Thanh Thai



Judith Canonico - Painter
 "Nature"s Gifts - Judith Canonico Artist's Statement

Judith Canonico, a resident of Barrington, has won numerous awards locally. She has studied at the Manchester Institute of Art and has taught porcelain painting internationally.  Of her New England scenes Judy says, "I try to find beauty in everyday objects; a rusty bucket, flowering seeds, a cloud in the sky, a patch of sunshine or a deep shadow. I invite the viewer down the road not only to look but to see something new in the everyday view."





Denise Brown - Photographer
  Denise returned for a second time to share her photos.


Thank you, Denise for sharing your photos from the North Church steeple!




Karen McCauslin - Photographer
McCauslin Eagle Feast

 Thank you, Karen McCauslin

Karen braved terrible traveling weather from 4 hours north to set up for her April Fool's Day Open House. So many of Karen's invited guests could not make the trek that we redid a 2 hour version the following beautifully sunny, spring-like day! Those who made it felt the trip well worth-while! Karen has an uncanny eye and ability to catch nature at moments most of us would never have the patience to wait for nor the reaction to catch the moment!
Karen can be reached at her home in Grindstone , Maine at kjmccauslin@gmail.com



Iris Woodworth-Watson

Iris, who was born in Newfoundland, Canada to a family of talented craftsmen and musicians and she started to develop her artist's eye through water colors.  "Through Iris' Eye" featured photos of many local spots but with a different prospective - through Iris' eye!

Iris can be reached at:


Glen Lael-Woodcraft Artist

 Glen Lael of G.T. Lael Woodworks displayed his custom woodcraft in our 'View of the Seacoast' office gallery during the first quarter of 2012.  Although only photographs of his pieces were on display during the three months, his open house evening was filled with actual custom pieces and Glen treated us with his woodworking skills by making things during his gallery opening.  Glen builds furniture and custom cabinetry and has had great success with his custom chop sticks.  When he is not working in his home workshop in Portsmouth, he can be found at Strawberry Bank Museum where he has been serving as the apprentice cooper for the last five years. 

Thanh Thai Huibers - Photographer

Thank you, Thanh

Not only was this Thanh's second display at our 'View of the Seacoast' Office Gallery, the last quarter of 2011, but her Meet the Artist Evening was a taste of her culture, literally.  While viewing her 'Glimpse Inside Vietnam' photographs, all who attended, sampled from her and her mother's home-made vietnamese dishes.  It was a beautiful display and sampling of her culture through her photographs and in the foods and aromas - it was truly delightful! 

Thanh fled Vietnam with her family in 1979.   She first returned to her birth country in 1996 and has made frequent visits since that time.  She is amazed by the incredible positive growth she sees in even a year's time.  She hopes her images of this 'Glimpse Inside Vietnam' shows how far removed it is today from the image most of us have from the Vietnam War. 


Michael Sterling - Photographer

Michael Sterling, a Portsmouth based photographer is a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association and the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists.  He and his wife Paula Sonnino have traveled to many countries, visiting 6 of the 7 continents.  While traveling, Sterling enjoys photographing landscapes and wildlife.  But he has found that people around the world are very willing to pose for a visitor and in this digital age, they get a kick out of instantly seeing themselves. His exhibit, "Faces on Three Continents," in the second quarter of 2012 included many images from Asia (India and Nepal), Africa (Tanzania and Botswana) and Europe (Turkey and Ireland).

We thank Michael for his colorful visual images of the countries we would all love to visit.  Seeing the local inhabitants make the distant countries feel closer and more intimate. 


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